Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Symptom diagnosis


Symptom Table

The diagnostics item numbers show the sequence for inspection. Inspect in order from item 1.

Removal and installation

    Shift lock system
    Component Function Check 1.CHECK SHIFT LOCK OPERATION (PART 1) 1. Turn ignition switch ON. 2. Shift the selector lever to P position. 3. Attempt to shift the selector lever to any other than pos ...

    Other materials:

    Exploded View 1. Camshaft bracket (No. 2 to 5) 2. Camshaft bracket (No. 1) 3. Camshaft sprocket (EXH) 4.Exhaust valve timing control solenoid valve 5. O-ring 6.Camshaft sprocket (INT) 7. Plug (EXH) 8. Washer (EXH) 9.Oil filter (for exhaust valve timing control solenoid valve) 10. ...

    Compressor dose dot operate
    Description SYMPTOM Compressor dose not operate. Diagnosis Procedure NOTE: Perform self-diagnoses with CONSULT-III before performing symptom diagnosis. If any DTC is detected, perform the corresponding diagnosis. Check that refrigerant is enclosed in cooler cycle normally. If refrigeran ...

    Door cable
    Exploded View LEFT SIDE 1. A/C unit assembly 2. Intake door lever 3. Intake door link 4. Intake door cable 5. Air mix door cable 6. Upper air mix door rod 7. Upper air mix door lever 8. Lower air mix door lever 9. Lower air mix door rod 10. Air mix door link A. To A/C control RI ...