Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Precaution


If any malfunction occurs in the RE0F10A model transaxle, replace the entire transaxle assembly.

Before connecting or disconnecting the TCM harness connector, turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect negative battery cable. Because battery voltage is applied to TCM even if ignition switch is turned OFF.

 When connecting or disconnecting pin connectors into or

When connecting or disconnecting pin connectors into or from TCM, take care not to damage pin terminals (bend or break).

When connecting pin connectors make sure that there are not any bends or breaks on TCM pin terminal.

 Before replacing TCM, perform TCM input/output signal

Before replacing TCM, perform TCM input/output signal inspection and make sure whether TCM functions properly or not. TM-164, "Reference Value".

 After performing each TROUBLE DIAGNOSIS, perform DTC

After performing each TROUBLE DIAGNOSIS, perform DTC Confirmation Procedure. If the repair is completed the DTC should not be displayed in the DTC Confirmation Procedure.

Always use the specified brand of CVT fluid. Refer to MA-13, "Fluids and Lubricants".

Use lint-free paper, not cloth rags, during work.

After replacing the CVT fluid, dispose of the waste oil using the methods prescribed by law, ordinance, etc.

Service Notice or Precaution

    Removal and Installation Procedure for CVT Unit Connector
    REMOVAL Rotate bayonet ring (1) counterclockwise, pull out CVT unit harness connector (2) upward and remove it. INSTALLATION 1. Align Δ marking on CVT unit harness connector terminal body ...

    Service Notice or Precaution
    OBD SELF-DIAGNOSIS (WITH OBD) CVT self-diagnosis is performed by the TCM in combination with the ECM. The results can be read through the blinking pattern of the malfunction indicator (MI). Refe ...

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