Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Rocker cover

Exploded View

1. Blow-by hose

1. Blow-by hose
2. Rocker cover
3. Gasket
4. Camshaft position sensor 5. O-ring

A. To turbocharger air inlet pipe

: Always replace after every: Nm (kg-m, in-lb)
disassembly.: Always replace after every

Removal and Installation


1. Remove air cleaner case. Refer to EM-280, "Exploded View".

2. Remove inlet pipe assembly and air inlet tube. Refer to EM-281, "Exploded View".

3. Remove high pressure protection cover (upper). Refer to EM-294, "Exploded View".

4. Remove electric throttle control actuator.

5. Remove fuel injector. Refer to EM-294, "Exploded View".

6. Remove rocker cover.

Loosen holding bolts in the reverse order as shown in the figure and remove.

: Engine front



1. Apply liquid gasket on locations shown in the figure.

Use Genuine Liquid gasket or equivalent.

2. Tighten holding bolts in the numerical order as shown in the figure.

2. Tighten holding bolts in the numerical order as shown in the figure.

: 12 Nm (1.2 kg-m, 9 ft-lb): Engine front

3. Install in the reverse order of removal after this steps.: 12 Nm (1.2 kg-m, 9 ft-lb)

3. Install in the reverse order of removal after this steps.

Timing belt

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