Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Removal and Installation Procedure for CVT Unit Connector


Rotate bayonet ring (A) counterclockwise. Pull out CVT unit harness connector (B) upward and remove it.



1. Align marking (A) on CVT unit harness connector terminal with marking (B) on bayonet ring. Insert CVT unit harness connector.

2. Rotate bayonet ring clockwise.

3. Rotate bayonet ring clockwise until marking (A) on CVT unit harness

3. Rotate bayonet ring clockwise until marking (A) on CVT unit harness connector terminal body is aligned with the slit (B) on bayonet ring as shown in the figure (correctly fitting condition).


Securely align marking (A) on CVT unit harness connector terminal body with bayonet ring slit (B). Then, be careful not to make a half fit condition as shown in the figure.

Never mistake the slit of bayonet ring for other dent portion.


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