Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Diagnosis system (EPS control unit)

Consult-III Function


CONSULT-III can display each diagnostic item using the diagnostic test modes shown following.

*: The following diagnosis information is erased by erasing.

*: The following diagnosis information is erased by erasing.

Freeze frame data (FFD)


Displays the part number stored in the control unit.


Refer to STC-14, "DTC Index".

When CRNT is displayed on self-diagnosis result.

The system is presently malfunctioning.

When PAST is displayed on self-diagnosis result.

System malfunction in the past is detected, but the system is presently normal.


The following vehicle status is recorded when DTC is detected and is displayed on CONSULT-III.



*1: Almost in accordance with the value of MOTOR SIG. It is not a

*1: Almost in accordance with the value of MOTOR SIG. It is not a malfunction though these values are not accorded when steering quickly.

*2: Normally displays 100%. In case of an excessive stationary steering, the assist curvature gradually falls. However, it returns to 100% when left standing.

*3: It is not a malfunction, though it might not be corresponding just after ignition switch in turned ON.

*4: Displays NORMAL in models without Nissan Dynamic Control System.

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