Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Idle neutral control learning


TCM corrects an individual difference in clutch clearance of the transaxle assembly by performing the idle neutral control learning and enables accurate idle neutral control.

Therefore, it is required to perform idle neutral control learning after the following work is performed.

• Replacement of TCM
• Replacement of control valve • Replacement of transaxle assembly




1. Start the engine.

Never drive the vehicle.


3. Select “ATFTEMP COUNT”.

Is “ATFTEMP COUNT” 47 [equivalent to 20°C (68°F)] or more? YES >> GO TO 2.

NO >> 1. Warm up the transaxle assembly until “ATFTEMP COUNT” reaches “47” [equivalent to 20°C(68°F)] or more.

2. GO TO 2.


Perform this work with the flat road. (± 2.6 %or less)

1. Shift the selector lever to “D” position.

2. Drive the vehicle at the 8 km/h (5 MPH) or more.

3. Brake pedal is depressed and stop the vehicle.

4. Maintain the following conditions for 30 seconds or more.

Stop lamp switch : ON Accelerator pedal position sensor : OFF Engine speed : 475 – 700 rpm Electrical load : Not applied*

*: Rear window defogger switch, air conditioner switch, lighting switch, etc. are OFF. Steering wheel is straight ahead. (Parking lamp ON is possible) 5. Brake pedal is released and drive the vehicle.

6. Perform steps 1 and 2 again. (one time)


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