Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Diagnosis system (IPDM E/R)

Diagnosis Description


In auto active test mode, the IPDM E/R sends a drive signal to the following systems to check their operation.

Oil pressure warning lamp (only for K9K engine models) Rear window defogger
Front wiper motor
Parking lamp
License plate lamp
Tail lamp
Front fog lamp
Headlamp (LO, HI)
A/C compressor (magnet clutch) Cooling fan

Operation Procedure
Wiper arm interferes with food when wiper is operated while wiper arm is in the raised position.

Always perform auto active test without setting wiper arm in the raised position. Always pour water on front windshield glass in advance to auto active test so that damage on front windshield glass surface is prevented.

1. Turn the ignition switch OFF.

2. Turn the ignition switch ON, and within 20 seconds, press the driver door switch 10 times. Then turn the ignition switch OFF.

Close passenger door.

3. Turn the ignition switch ON within 10 seconds. After that the horn sounds once and the auto active test starts.

Engine starts when ignition switch is turned ON while brake pedal is depressed.

4. Oil pressure warning lamp starts blinking when the auto active test starts*. (only for K9K engine models)

*: Except for K9K engine models, oil pressure warning lamp turn ON when auto active test start.

5. After a series of the following operations is repeated 3 times, auto active test is completed.


When auto active test mode has to be cancelled halfway through test, turn the ignition switch OFF.

When auto active test is not activated, door switch may be the cause. Check door switch. Refer to DLK-397, "Component Function Check" (with super lock) or DLK-522, "Component Function Check" (without super lock).

Inspection in Auto Active Test Mode When auto active test mode is actuated, the following operation sequence is repeated 3 times.

Concept of auto active test

Concept of auto active test

*: Only for models with MR16DDT engine

*: Only for models with MR16DDT engine

IPDM E/R starts the auto active test with the door switch signals transmitted by BCM via CAN communication.

Therefore, the CAN communication line between IPDM E/R and BCM is considered normal if the auto active test starts successfully.

The auto active test facilitates troubleshooting if any systems controlled by IPDM E/R cannot be operated.

Diagnosis chart in auto active test mode

Consult-III Function (IPDM E/R)

Consult-III Function (IPDM E/R)


CONSULT-III performs the following functions via CAN communication with IPDM E/R.



Refer to PCS-55, "DTC Index".


Monitor item



Test item

ECU diagnosis information

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