Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Air breather hose

Exploded View

1. Clip

1. Clip
2. Air breather hose
3. 2 way connector

Removal and Installation


1. Remove clips (1).

2. Remove air breather hose from the 2 way connector.: Vehicle front

2. Remove air breather hose from the 2 way connector.

When removing air breather hose, be sure to hold 2 way connector securely.



Note the following, and install in the reverse order of removal.

Install air breather hose, preventing crush and clogging caused by bending.

Insert the allowance of air breather hose to the spool of the 2 way connector.

Install air breather hose to the 2 way connector with the paint mark faced forward of the vehicle.

Securely engage the clips in the mounting hole.

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