Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Additional service when removing battery negative terminal


The NAVI control unit is equipped with the anti-theft system.

The NAVI control unit operates after authenticating a fixed four-digit anti-theft code.

After removing the battery of the NAVI control unit, the authentication of the anti-theft code is required.

Work Procedure


1. Turn ignition switch ON.

2. Turn ON the power switch of the NAVI control unit. (CODE IN is indicated on the display.) >> GO TO 2.


1. Touch the button shown on the display to enter code numbers.

2. Touch OK button.

Is CODE OK displayed? YES >> END NO >> GO TO 3.


1. If the anti-theft code cannot be authenticated, the NAVI control unit performs control as follows:


24 or more: Operations are locked and a message is shown on the display. Code numbers cannot be input.

The number of failed attempts is not reset and accumulated after any authentication


2. Wait until CODE IN is displayed.

>> GO TO 2.

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