Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Rear stabilizer

Exploded View

1. Stabilizer bar

1. Stabilizer bar
2. Bushing
3. Stabilizer clamp
4. Stabilizer link
5. Lower link
6. Rear suspension member

: Always replace after every: Vehicle front
disassembly.: Always replace after every

Removal and Installation: Nm (kg-m, ft-lb)

Removal and Installation


1. Remove stabilizer link.

2. Remove center pipe. Refer to EX-6, "Removal and Installation".

3. Remove mounting nuts on stabilizer clamp, bushing, and stabilizer bar from suspension member.

4. Perform inspection after removal. Refer to RSU-34, "Inspection".


Note the following, and install in the reverse order of removal.

Perform final tightening of rear suspension member and axle installation position (rubber bushing), under unladen conditions with tires on level ground.

Never reuse stabilizer link mounting nut.



Check stabilizer bar, stabilizer link, stabilizer bushing and stabilizer clamp for deformation, cracks or damage.

Replace it if necessary.

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