Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Periodic maintenance



Check exhaust pipes, muffler, and mounting for improper attachment, leakage, cracks, damage or deterioration.

If anything is found, repair or replace damaged parts.

Removal and installation

    Removal and installation
    Exhaust system ...

    Other materials:

    Clutch pedal
    LHD : Exploded View 1. Clutch pedal 2. Stopper rubber 3. Clip 4. Clutch interlock switch *1 5. Clutch pedal position switch *2 6. Pedal pad 7. Pedal stopper rubber *1 : With push-button ignition switch system *2 : With ASCD or with push-button ignition switch system : Nm (kg-m, ft-l ...

    P1220 fuel pump control module (FPCM)
    DTC Logic DTC DETECTION LOGIC DTC CONFIRMATION PROCEDURE 1.PRECONDITIONING 1. Turn ignition switch OFF and wait at least 10 seconds. 2. Turn ignition switch ON. 3. Turn ignition switch OFF and wait at least 10 seconds. TESTING CONDITION: Before performing the following procedure, confi ...

    Floor trim
    Exploded View LHD models 1. Floor carpet 2. Carpet hook 3. Trim clip 4. Column hole cover 5. Harness clip 6. Front floor spacer RH 7. Front floor spacer LH 8. Rear floor spacer LH 9. Rear floor spacer RH : Clip : Pawl Removal and Installation REMOVAL CAUTION: When removing ...