Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Magnet clutch

Component Function Check


Perform auto active test of IPDM E/R. Refer to PCS-12, "Diagnosis Description" (with Intelligent Key) or PCS- 43, "Diagnosis Description" (without Intelligent Key).

Does it operate normally? YES >> INSPECTION END

NO >> Refer to HAC-232, "Diagnosis Procedure".

Diagnosis Procedure


1. Turn ignition switch OFF.

2. Check 10A fuse (No. 49, located in IPDM E/R).

NOTE: Refer to PG-25, "Fuse, Connector and Terminal Arrangement".

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> GO TO 2.

NO >> Replace the blown fuse after repairing the affected circuit if a fuse is blown.


1. Disconnect compressor connector.

2. Directly apply battery voltage to the magnet clutch. Check for operation visually and by sound.

Does it operate normally? YES >> GO TO 3.

NO >> Replace magnet clutch. Refer to HA-88, "MAGNET CLUTCH : Removal and Installation of Compressor Clutch".


1. Disconnect IPDM E/R connector.

2. Check continuity between IPDM E/R harness connector and compressor harness connector.

Is the inspection result normal?

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> Replace IPDM E/R. Refer to PCS-34, "Removal and Installation" (with Intelligent Key) or PCS-63, "Removal and Installation" (without Intelligent Key).

NO >> Repair harness or connector.

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