Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Heavy tight-corner braking symptom occurs


Heavy tight-corner braking symptom occurs when the vehicle is driven and the steering wheel is turned fully to either side after the engine is started.


Light tight-corner braking symptom may occur depending on driving conditions. This is not malfunction.

Diagnosis Procedure


Perform self-diagnosis for ENGINE.With CONSULT-III

Perform self-diagnosis for ENGINE.

Is any DTC detected? YES >> Check the DTC. Refer to EC-108, "DTC Index".

NO >> GO TO 2.


Perform self-diagnosis for ALL MODE AWD/4WD.With CONSULT-III

Perform self-diagnosis for ALL MODE AWD/4WD.

Is any DTC detected? YES >> Check the DTC. Refer to DLN-33, "DTC Index".

NO >> GO TO 3.


Perform the trouble diagnosis of the 4WD solenoid. Refer to DLN-54, "Diagnosis Procedure" (left), DLN-57, "Diagnosis Procedure" (right).

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> GO TO 4.

NO >> Repair or replace the error-detected parts.


1. Turn the ignition switch OFF.

2. Set the transmission to neutral. Release the parking brake.

3. Lift up the vehicle.

4. Rotate the rear propeller shaft.

5. Hold the front propeller shaft lightly.

Does the front propeller shaft rotate? YES >> Replace electric controlled coupling for mechanical malfunction (clutch sticking etc.). Refer to DLN-139, "Removal and Installation".

NO >> Check each harness connector pin terminal for disconnection.

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