Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Component parts

Heated seat system : Component Parts Location

1. Seat heater

1. Seat heater
2. Heated seat switch
3. Heated seat relay

A. Front seat
B. Front LH of passenger room

Heated seat system : Component Description


    HEATED SEAT SYSTEM : System Description Heated seat is a system that operates when ignition switch is in ON position. HEATER OPERATION When the heated seat switch is ON, seat cushion heater and ...

    Other materials:

    P0100 MAF sensor
    DTC Logic DTC DETECTION LOGIC Diagnosis Procedure 1.CHECK GROUND CONNECTIONS 1. Turn ignition switch OFF. 2. Check ground connection E38. Refer to Ground inspection in GI-44, "Circuit Inspection". Is the inspection result normal? YES >> GO TO 2. NO >> Repair or ...

    Towing your vehicle
    When towing your vehicle, all State (Provincial in Canada) and local regulations for towing must be followed. Incorrect towing equipment could damage your vehicle. Towing instructions are available from a NISSAN dealer. Local service operators are familiar with the applicable laws and procedur ...

    Vehicle security alarm does not activate
    Description Alarm does not operate when alarm operating condition is satisfied. NOTE: Check that vehicle is under the condition shown in CONDITIONS OF VEHICLE (OPERATING CONDITIONS) before starting diagnosis, and check each symptom. CONDITION OF VEHICLE (OPERATING CONDITIONS) SECURITY ...