Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Service Notice or Precautions for EPS System

Check the following item when performing the trouble diagnosis.

- Check any possible causes by interviewing the symptom and it′s condition from the customer if any malfunction, such as EPS warning lamp is turned ON, occurs.

- Check if air pressure and size of tires are proper, the specified part is used for the steering wheel, and control unit is genuine part.

- Check if the connection of steering column assembly and steering gear assembly is proper (there is not looseness of mounting bolts, damage of rods, boots or sealants, and leakage of grease, etc).

- Check if the wheel alignment is adjusted properly.

- Check if there is any damage or modification to suspension or body resulting in increased weight or altered ground clearance.

- Check if installation conditions of each link and suspension are proper.

- Check if the battery voltage is proper.

- Check connection conditions of each connector are proper.

- Before connecting or disconnecting the EPS control unit harness connector, turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect battery ground cable. Because battery voltage is applied to EPS control unit even if ignition switch is turned OFF.

- When connecting or disconnecting pin connectors into or from

- When connecting or disconnecting pin connectors into or from EPS control unit, take care not to damage pin terminals (bend or break).

- When connecting pin connectors, make sure that there are no bends or breaks on EPS control unit pin terminal.

During quick steering, rasping noise may be heard from around the steering wheel. This is not a malfunction. The noise is an operating noise of the EPS system under normal conditions. If the rasping noise occurs during slow steering, this may not be an operating noise of the system. In this case, it is necessary to find out the location of the noise and repair, if necessary.

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