Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Ignition coil, spark plug and rocker cover

Exploded View

1. Ignition coil

1. Ignition coil
2. Spark plug
3. Rocker cover
4. Hose cramp
5. PCV hose
6. PCV valve
7. O-ring
8. Gasket
9. Oil filler cap
10. O-ring
11. Camshaft position sensor (INT) 12. Camshaft position sensor (EXH) 13. Cramp

A. To intake manifold

disassembly.: Always replace after every

: Nm (kg-m, ft-lb): Nm (kg-m, in-lb)
: Sealing point: Nm (kg-m, ft-lb)
: Should be lubricated with oil.: Sealing point
Removal and Installation: Should be lubricated with oil.

Removal and Installation


1. Remove intake manifold. Refer to EM-163, "Exploded View".

2. Remove ignition coil.

Never drop or shock ignition coil.

Never disassemble ignition coil.

. Remove fuel tube protector. Refer to EM-173, "Exploded View".

4. Remove PCV hose from rocker cover.

5. Remove PCV valve, if necessary.

6. Remove rocker cover.

Loosen bolts in reverse order as shown in the figure.

: Engine front

7. Remove rocker cover gasket from rocker cover.

7. Remove rocker cover gasket from rocker cover.

8. Use scraper to remove all traces of liquid gasket from cylinder head and front cover.

Never scratch or damage the mating surface when cleaning off old liquid gasket.


1. Rocker cover with the following procedure: a. Press gasket onto the bosses for the rocker cover bolt holes as shown in the figure to prevent the rocker cover from dropping off.

b. Apply liquid gasket to the position as shown in the figure.

b. Apply liquid gasket to the position as shown in the figure.

1 : Cylinder head
2 : Front cover
a : φ2.5 - 3.5 mm

Use Genuine Liquid Gasket or equivalent.

c. Install rocker cover to cylinder head.

c. Install rocker cover to cylinder head.

Check the gasket is not dropped.

Tighten bolts in two steps separately in numerical order as shown in the figure.

: Engine front

2. Install PCV valve.

2. Install PCV valve.

Insert PCV valve until the flange of PCV valve contact the grommet absolutely.

3. Install in the reverse order of removal, for the rest of parts.

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