Nissan Juke Owners Manual : Gas station information


NISSAN recommends the use of unleaded premium gasoline with an octane rating of at least 91 AKI (Anti-Knock Index) number (Research octane number 96).

If unleaded premium gasoline is not available, you may use unleaded regular gasoline with an octane rating of at least 87 AKI number (Research octane number 91), but you may notice a decrease in performance.


•  Using a fuel other than that specified could adversely affect the emission control systems, and may also affect warranty coverage.• •  Under no circumstances should a leaded gasoline be used, since this will damage the three way catalyst.• •  Do not use E-15 or E-85 fuel in your vehicle. Your vehicle is not designed to run on E-15 or E-85 fuel. Using E- 15 or E-85 fuel in a vehicle not specifically designed for E-15 or E- 85 fuel can adversely affect the emission control devices and systems of the vehicle. Damage caused by such fuel is not covered by the NISSAN new vehicle limited warranty.• •  U.S. government regulations require ethanol dispensing pumps to be identified by a small, square, orange and black label with the common abbreviation or the appropriate percentage for that region.

For additional information, see “Capacities and recommended fuel/lubricants” .


• Genuine NISSAN engine oil or equivalent • Engine oil with API Certification Mark • Viscosity SAE 5W-30

See “Capacities and recommended fuel/lubricants”  for engine oil and oil filter recommendation.


The label is typically located on the driver side center pillar or on the driver’s door. For additional information, see “Wheels and tires” .


During the first 1,200 miles (2,000 km) of vehicle use, follow the recommendations outlined in the “Break-in schedule”  of this Owner’s Manual. Follow these recommendations for the future reliability and economy of your new vehicle.

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