Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Floor trim

Exploded View

LHD models

1. Floor carpet

1. Floor carpet
2. Carpet hook
3. Trim clip
4. Column hole cover
5. Harness clip
6. Front floor spacer RH 7. Front floor spacer LH 8. Rear floor spacer LH 9. Rear floor spacer RH

: Pawl: Clip
Removal and Installation : Pawl

Removal and Installation


When removing, always use a remover tool that is made of plastic.

Never damage the body.

1. Remove front seat assembly (LH and RH).

2WD models: Refer to SE-19, "Removal and Installation".

4WD models: Refer to SE-27, "Removal and Installation".

2. Remove rear seat cushion.

2WD models: Refer to SE-33, "SEAT CUSHION : Removal and Installation".

4WD models: Refer to SE-42, "SEAT CUSHION : Removal and Installation".

3. Remove center console assembly. Refer to IP-23, "Removal and Installation".

4. Remove instrument stay.

Remove instrument stay mounting nuts (A), and then remove instrument stay.

: Vehicle front

5. Disconnect drain hose.

5. Disconnect drain hose.

HR16DE: Refer to HA-53, "A/C UNIT ASSEMBLY : Removal and Installation".

MR16DDT: Refer to HA-113, "A/C UNIT ASSEMBLY : Removal and Installation".

6. Remove foot ducts (LH and RH). VTL-13, "REAR HEATER DUCT 2 : Removal and Installation" (Models with foot ducts).

7. Remove sift selector assembly.

5MT models: Refer to TM-25, "Removal and Installation".

6MT models: Refer to TM-78, "Removal and Installation".

CVT models (RE0F10B): Refer to TM-270, "Removal and Installation".

CVT models (RE0F11A): Refer to TM-481, "Removal and Installation".

8. Remove diagnosis sensor unit. Refer to SR-30, "Removal and Installation".

9. Remove parking brake lever. Refer to PB-5, "Removal and Installation".

10. Remove the inside key antenna (console lower).Refer to DLK-188, "INSTRUMENT CENTER : Removal and Installation" (Models with Intelligent Key system).

11. Remove center pillar lower garnish (LH and RH). Refer to INT-20, "CENTER PILLAR LOWER GARNISH : Removal and Installation".

12. Remove column hole cover.

Disengage trim clips (A), and then remove column hole cover.

13. Remove dash side finisher (LH and RH). Refer to INT-20, "DASH SIDE

13. Remove dash side finisher (LH and RH). Refer to INT-20, "DASH SIDE FINISHER : Removal and Installation".

14. Disengage pawl using a remover tool (A) and open the harness clip.

: Pawl

15. Remove floor carpet.

15. Remove floor carpet.


Disengage pawls using a remover tool and remove carpet hook.

: Pawl



Note the following item, and install in the reverse order of removal.

Replace diagnosis sensor unit fixing bolts with a new part after removal. Never reuse diagnosis sensor unit fixing bolts.

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