Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Component parts

Component Parts Location

1. A/C auto amp.

1. A/C auto amp.

Refer to HAC-12, "Component Parts Location".

2. ABS actuator and electric unit (control unit) Refer to BRC-9, "Component Parts Location" (without ESP) or BRC-97, "Component Parts Location" (with ESP).

3. ECM Refer to EC-25, "ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEM : Component Parts Location" (MR16DDT), EC-455, "ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEM : Component Parts Location" (HR16DE) or EC-813, "Component Parts Location" (K9K).

4. TCM Refer to TM-314, "CVT CONTROL SYSTEM : Component Parts Location" (CVT: RE0F11A) or TM-131, "CVT CONTROL SYSTEM : Component Parts Location" (CVT RE0F10A).

5. Combination meter
6. BCM Refer to BCS-6, "BODY CONTROL SYSTEM : Component Parts Location" (with Intelligent Key system) or BCS-96, "BODY CONTROL SYSTEM : Component Parts Location" (without Intelligent Key system).

7. EPS control unit Refer to STC-5, "Component Parts Location".

8. Multi display unit

Component Description

Multi Display Unit

Multi Display Unit

A multi display unit integrating a color display and an operation panel is adopted.

It is connected to other units via CAN communication and performs the drive mode control, air conditioner control, display of various information, and various settings.

The display can show the drive mode (NORMAL, SPORT, ECO), drive information (travel time, mileage, average vehicle speed), ECO information (fuel consumption history), setting screen as well as engine power, providing information on the vehicle status according to the driver's operation.

For the operation switch section, newly developed unique switches are adopted, which respectively have 2 types of symbols and functions.



The switch integrates 2 types of LEDs*, filters that pass or absorb specified wavelengths (filter 1, filter 2), and filters adapted to both display colors (filter 3), enabling 2 different symbols to be displayed at a same position by LED changeover.

*: Abbreviation of light emitting diode. It is a semiconductor device that lights up when electric current is applied.

Operation description of unique switch

In drive mode
LED1 lights up, the light from LED1 passes filter 1 and filter 3, and ECO INFO is displayed.

In air conditioner mode
LED2 lights up, the light from LED2 passes filter 2 and filter 3, and  is displayed.
is displayed.


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