Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Rear window defogger indicator does not illuminate

Diagnosis Procedure


Check that rear window defogger operates.

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> Replace A/C contorol(with Auto A/C) and heter control(without A/C) switch (rear window defogger switch).

NO >> Check rear window defogger system. Refer to DEF-25, "Work Flow"

    On is not displayed when pressing rear window defogger switch but it is operated
    Diagnosis Procedure 1.CHECK MULTI DISPLAY UNIT FUNCTION Check that the multi display unit is operating normally. Х Auto A/C (4WD models). Refer to HAC-44, "Work Flow". Х Auto A/C (2WD ...

    Other materials:

    Audio unit
    Removal and Installation REMOVAL 1. Remove cluster lid C. Refer to IP-12, "Exploded View". 2. Remove audio unit screws. 3. Disconnect audio unit connectors to remove audio unit and brackets as a single unit. 4. Remove brackets screws to remove audio unit. INSTALLATION 1. Install ...

    Parking brake shoe
    Adjustment 1. Adjust parking brake lever stroke. Refer to PB-2, "Inspection and Adjustment". 2. Perform parking brake break-in (drag on) operation by driving vehicle under the following conditions: Х Drive forward Х Vehicle speed: Approx. 43 km/h (27 MPH) set (constant and forward) ...

    Diagnosis and repair workflow
    Work Flow OVERALL SEQUENCE DETAILED FLOW 1.INTERVIEW FOR MALFUNCTION Interview the symptom to the customer. >> GO TO 2. 2.SYMPTOM CHECK Check the symptom from the customer's information. >> GO TO 3. 3.BASIC INSPECTION Check the operation of each part. Check that any s ...