Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : On is not displayed when pressing rear window defogger switch but it is operated

Diagnosis Procedure


Check that the multi display unit is operating normally.

Х Auto A/C (4WD models). Refer to HAC-44, "Work Flow".

Х Auto A/C (2WD models). Refer to HAC-135, "Work Flow".

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> GO TO 2.

NO >> Repair or replace the malfunctioning parts.


Confirm the operation again.

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> Check intermittent incident. Refer to GI-42, "Intermittent Incident".

NO >> GO TO 1.

    Rear window defogger indicator does not illuminate
    Diagnosis Procedure 1.CHECK A/C CONTROL AND HETER CONTROL SWITCH (REAR WINDOW DEFOGGER SWITCH) Check that rear window defogger operates. Is the inspection result normal? YES >> Replace A/C ...

    Other materials:

    Wiring diagram
    CAN SYSTEM Wiring Diagram For connector terminal arrangements, harness layouts, and alphabets in a (option abbreviation; if not described in wiring diagram), refer to GI-12, "Connector Information/Explanation of Option Abbreviation". ...

    Back door opener actuator
    Diagnosis Procedure 1.CHECK BACK DOOR OPENER ACTUATOR INPUT SIGNAL 1. Turn ignition switch OFF. 2. Disconnect back door opener assembly connector. 3. Check voltage between back door opener assembly harness connector and ground. Is the inspection result normal? YES >> GO TO 3. NO > ...

    Seat belt extenders
    If, because of body size or driving position, it is not possible to properly fit the lap-shoulder belt and fasten it, an extender that is compatible with the installed seat belts is available that can be purchased. The extender adds approximately 8 in (200 mm) of length and may be used for eit ...