Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : On is not displayed when pressing rear window defogger switch but it is operated

Diagnosis Procedure


Check that the multi display unit is operating normally.

Х Auto A/C (4WD models). Refer to HAC-44, "Work Flow".

Х Auto A/C (2WD models). Refer to HAC-135, "Work Flow".

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> GO TO 2.

NO >> Repair or replace the malfunctioning parts.


Confirm the operation again.

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> Check intermittent incident. Refer to GI-42, "Intermittent Incident".

NO >> GO TO 1.

    Door mirror defogger does not operate
    Both sides BOTH SIDES : Description Both door mirror defoggers do not operate BOTH SIDES : Diagnosis Procedure 1.CHECK REAR WINDOW DEFOGGER Check rear window defogger. Refer to DEF-31, "C ...

    Rear window defogger indicator does not illuminate
    Diagnosis Procedure 1.CHECK A/C CONTROL AND HETER CONTROL SWITCH (REAR WINDOW DEFOGGER SWITCH) Check that rear window defogger operates. Is the inspection result normal? YES >> Replace A/C ...

    Other materials:

    S mode indicator
    Component Function Check 1.CHECK S MODE INDICATOR FUNCTION Check S mode indicator turns ON for approx. 2 seconds when ignition switch turns ON. Is the inspection results normal? YES >> INSPECTION END NO >> Go to TM-469, "Diagnosis Procedure". Diagnosis Procedure 1.CH ...

    Exploded View 1. Camshaft bracket (No. 2 to 5) 2. Camshaft bracket (No. 1) 3. Camshaft sprocket (EXH) 4.Exhaust valve timing control solenoid valve 5. O-ring 6.Camshaft sprocket (INT) 7. Plug (EXH) 8. Washer (EXH) 9.Oil filter (for exhaust valve timing control solenoid valve) 10. ...

    Jump starting
    To start your engine with a booster battery, the instructions and precautions below must be followed. WARNING Х If done incorrectly, jump starting can lead to a battery explosion, resulting in severe injury or death. It could also damage your vehicle. Х Explosive hydrogen gas is always prese ...