Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Exhaust manifold

Exploded View

1. Stud bolt

1. Stud bolt
2. Exhaust manifold cover 3. Exhaust manifold
4. Gasket

: Nm (kg-m, ft-lb) Engine front
: Nm (kg-m, in-lb): Nm (kg-m, ft-lb)
: Always replace after every: Nm (kg-m, in-lb)
disassembly.: Always replace after every

Removal and Installation


1. Drain engine coolant. Refer to CO-11, "Draining".

2. Remove turbocharger. Refer to EM-36, "Exploded View".

3. Remove catalyst convertor. Refer to EM-33, "2WD : Exploded View" (2WD models) or EM-34, "4WD : Exploded View" (4WD models).

4. Remove exhaust manifold cover.

5. Remove exhaust manifold.

Loosen nuts in reverse order as shown in the figure.

NOTE:: Engine front

Disregard the numerical order No. 9 to 12 in removal.

6. Remove gasket.

6. Remove gasket.

Cover engine openings to avoid entry of foreign materials.


1. Install gasket to cylinder head as shown in the figure.

: Engine front

2. Install exhaust manifold with the following procedure:

2. Install exhaust manifold with the following procedure: a. Tighten nuts in numerical order as shown in the figure.

NOTE:: Engine front



Tighten nuts the No.1 to No.4 in two steps.

The numerical order No.9 to No.12 shows the second step.

3. Install remaining parts in the reverse order of removal.

3. Install remaining parts in the reverse order of removal.



Surface Distortion
Using feeler gauge (A) and straightedge (B), check the surface distortion of exhaust manifold mating surface in each exhaust port and entire part.

Limit : Refer to EM-130, "Exhaust Manifold".

If it exceeds the limit, replace exhaust manifold.

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