Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Cowl top

Exploded View

LHD models

1. Front fender cover RH

1. Front fender cover RH 2. Cowl top cover seal
3. Blind plug RH
4. Cowl top cover
5. Cowl top cover cap
6. Cowl top extension
7. EPT seal [t: 3.0 mm (0.118 in)] 8. Air intake cover
9. Blind plug LH
10. Front fender cover LH 11. Washer nozzle

: Pawl: Clip
: Do not reu: Pawl
Removal and Installation: Do not reu

Removal and Installation


1. Fully open hood assembly 2. Remove front wiper arm (LH and RH). Refer to WW-76, "Removal and Installation".

3. Disconnect washer tube joint on cowl top cover RH.

4. Remove front fender cover (LH and RH).

5. Remove cowl top cover fixing clips.

6. Pull forward to release cowl top cover from windshield glass.

When performing the procedure after removing cowl top cover, cover the lower end of windshield glass with urethane etc.

7. Remove cowl top cover.

7. Remove cowl top cover.

8. Remove the following parts after removing cowl top cover.

EPT sealer
Cowl top seal
Washer tube
Washer nozzle (LH and RH). Refer to WW-87, "Removal and Installation".

9. Remove front wiper drive assembly. Refer to WW-80, "Removal and Installation".

10. Remove cowl top extension mounting bolts, and then remove cowl top extension.


Note the following items and then, install in the reverse order of removal.

Clean the joint between the cowl top cover and the windshield, and then install them.

Replace the EPT sealer on the back surface with new EPT sealer when reusing the cowl top cover.

Remove the EPT sealer remaining on the cowl top cover using a double-faced adhesive tape remove.

To maintain adhesion, never wash the vehicle within 24 hours after installation.

Perform the stop position adjustment at the installation of the front wiper arms. Refer to WW-76, "Adjustment".

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