Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : System

HEATED SEAT SYSTEM : System Description

Heated seat is a system that operates when ignition switch is in ON position.


When the heated seat switch is ON, seat cushion heater and seat back heater operate.

Temperature of seat can be adjusted by operating on heated seat switch.

    Component parts
    Heated seat system : Component Parts Location 1. Seat heater 2. Heated seat switch 3. Heated seat relay A. Front seat B. Front LH of passenger room Heated seat system : Component Descriptio ...

    Wiring diagram
    HEATED SEAT SYSTEM Wiring Diagram For connector terminal arrangements, harness layouts, and alphabets in a (option abbreviation; if not described in wiring diagram), refer to GI-12, "Connecto ...

    Other materials:

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    Precaution for Seat Belt Service
    CAUTION: Before removing the front seat belt pre-tensioner assembly, turn the ignition switch off, disconnect battery negative terminal and wait at least 3 minutes. Do not use electrical test equipment for front seat belt pre-tensioner connector. After replacing or reinstalling front s ...

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