Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : System

System Description

Fan speed of blower motor is changed by the combination of fan control dial (fan switch) operation and blower fan resistor control.

Door Control


1. Intake door

1. Intake door
2. Blower motor
3. Air conditioner filter 4. Max. cool door
5. Upper air mix door
6. Lower air mix door
7. Heater core
8. Foot door
9. Side ventilator door
10. Center ventilator door 11. Defroster door

Recirculation airFresh air intake
DefrosterRecirculation air
Center ventilatorDefroster
Side ventilatorCenter ventilator
FootSide ventilator
Rear foot*Foot
*: With rear foot ductRear foot*

*: With rear foot duct



Without rear foot duct

With rear foot duct

With rear foot duct


    Component parts
    Component Part Location 1. BCM Refer to BCS-161, "Removal and Installation". 2. Heater control 3. Blower fan resistor 4. Blower motor A. Left side of heater unit assembly B. Right ...

    Switch Name and Function HEATER CONTROLLER (HEATER CONTROL) 1. MODE dial 2. Fan control dial 3. Temperature control dial 4. Intake lever ...

    Other materials:

    Diagnosis system (4WD control module)
    CONSULT-III Function APPLICATION ITEMS CONSULT-III can display each diagnostic item using the diagnostic test modes as follows. *: The following diagnosis information is erased by erasing. DTC Freeze frame data (FFD) ECU IDENTIFICATION 4WD control module part number can be read. ...

    P0846 transmission fluid pressure SEN/SW B
    DTC Logic DTC DETECTION LOGIC DTC CONFIRMATION PROCEDURE CAUTION: Be careful of the driving speed. 1.PREPARATION BEFORE WORK If another "DTC CONFIRMATION PROCEDURE" occurs just before, turn ignition switch OFF and wait for at least 10 seconds, then perform the next test. &g ...

    CVT shift selector
    Exploded View 1. Selector lever knob 2. Lock pin 3. Knob cover 4 Position indication panel 5. CVT shift selector assembly 6. CVT shift lock unit 7. Key interlock rod* 8. Indicator lamp :Nm (kg-m, it-lb) *: Without push engine starter Removal and Installation REMOVAL CAUTION: Al ...