Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Symptom diagnosis


Symptom Table

The diagnosis item number indicates the order of check. Start checking in the order from 1.

Periodic maintenance

    Periodic maintenance
    CVT FLUID Inspection FLUID LEAKAGE Х Check transaxle surrounding area (oil seal and plug etc.)for fluid leakage. Х If anything is found, repair or replace damaged parts and adjust CVT fluid leve ...

    Other materials:

    Assembly and Installation
    Х Use torque wrench to tighten bolts or nuts to specification. Х When tightening nuts and bolts, as a basic rule, equally tighten in several different steps starting with the ones in center, then ones on inside and outside diagonally in this order. If the order of tightening is specified, do ...

    Wheel Alignment
    2WD Measure value under unladen*2 conditions. *1: A difference when assuming the left side a standard. *2: Fuel, engine coolant and lubricant are full. Spare tire, jack, hand tools and mats are in designated positions. 4WD Measure value under unladen*2 conditions. *1: A differenc ...

    Switch Name and Function OPERATION AND DISPLAY A/C Display (Display in Multi Display Unit) Х Air conditioning system operation status is indicated on display in multi display unit. Indication of air conditioning system varies according to display mode of multi display unit. For changing pr ...