Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Steering wheel

Exploded View

1. Steering wheel

1. Steering wheel

disassembly.: Always replace after every

Removal and Installation: Nm (kg-m, ft-lb)

Removal and Installation



When reconnecting spiral cable, fix cable with a tape so that fixing case and rotating part keep aligned. This will omit neutral position alignment procedure during spiral cable installation.

1. Set vehicle to the straight-ahead position.

2. Remove driver air bag module. Refer to SR-13, "Removal and Installation".

3. Remove steering wheel lock nut after steering is locked.

4. Remove steering wheel with the steering wheel puller (A) (SST: ST27180001)



Note the following, and install in the reverse order of removal.

Check the spiral cable neutral position after replacing or rotating spiral cable. Refer to SR-16, "Removal and Installation".

Never twist spiral cable excessively after it becomes tight. (Twisting may cause the cable to be torn off.)

Never reuse steering wheel lock nut.

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