Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Speed limiter

Speed limiter : System Diagram

Speed limiter : System Description

Speed limiter : System Description


*: This signal is sent to the ECM through CAN communication line

*: This signal is sent to the ECM through CAN communication line


Х Speed limiter is a system that enables to restrict the vehicle speed within the set speed that is selected by the driver. Driver can be set the vehicle speed in the set speed range.

Х ECM controls throttle angle of electric throttle control actuator to regulate vehicle speed.

Х Operation status of speed limiter is indicated on the information display in the combination meter.

Х If any malfunction occurs in speed limiter system, it automatically deactivates the speed limiter control.

Refer to EC-70, "SPEED LIMITER : Switch Name and Function" for speed limiter operating instructions.

Always drive vehicle in safe manner according to traffic conditions and obey all traffic laws.


Since the speed limiter is controlled by the electric throttle control actuator, vehicle speed may exceed a set speed during downhill driving.

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