Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Shift position indicator circuit

Component Parts Function Inspection


1. Start the engine.

2. Shift selector lever.

3. Check that the selector lever position and the shift position indicator on the combination meter are identical.

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> INSPECTION END

NO >> Go to TM-470, "Diagnosis Procedure".

Diagnosis Procedure



1. Start the engine.

2. Select Data Monitor in TRANSMISSION.

3. Select RANGE.

4. Shift selector lever.

5. Check that selector lever position, RANGE on the CONSULT-III screen, and shift position indicator display on the combination meter are identical.

Is the check result normal? YES >> INSPECTION END

NO-1 (RANGE is changed but is not displayed on the shift position indicator.>>Check Self Diagnostic Result in TRANSMISSION.

NO-2 (RANGE and shift position indicator are different.)>>Check Self Diagnostic Result in TRANSMISSION.

NO-3 (SpecificRANGE is not displayed on the shift position indicator.)>>Check Self Diagnostic Result in METER/M&A

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