Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Service data and specifications (SDS)

General Specifications

Transaxle & transmission 6MT: RS6F94R

    Other materials:

    Wiring diagram
    HORN Wiring Diagram For connector terminal arrangements, harness layouts, and alphabets in a (option abbreviation; if not described in wiring diagram), refer to GI-12, "Connector Information/Explanation of Option Abbreviation". ...

    Removal and Disassembly
    Х When instructed to use SST, use specified tools. Always be careful to work safely, avoid forceful or uninstructed operations. Х Exercise maximum care to avoid damage to mating or sliding surfaces. Х Dowel pins are used for several parts alignment. When replacing and reassembling parts with ...

    Power supply and ground circuit
    Diagnosis Procedure 1.CHECK FUSES AND FUSIBLE LINK Check that the following IPDM E/R fuses or fusible links are not blown. Is the fuse fusing? YES >> Replace the blown fuse or fusible link after repairing the affected circuit if a fuse or fusible link is blown. NO >> GO TO 2. ...