Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Service

Disconnect battery negative terminal in advance.

Disconnect air bag system line in advance.

Never tamper with or force air bag lid open, as this may adversely affect air bag performance.

Be careful not to scratch pad and other parts.

When removing or disassembling any part, be careful not to damage or deform it. Protect parts, that may get in the way with a shop cloth.

When removing parts with a screwdriver or other tool, cover the tool surface with vinyl tape to protect parts.

Keep removed parts protected with a shop cloth.

If a clip is deformed or damaged, replace it.

If an unreusable part is removed, replace it with a new one.

Tighten bolts and nuts firmly to the specified torque.

After reassembly is complete, check that each part functions correctly.

Remove stains via the following procedure.

Water-soluble stains:
Dip a soft cloth in warm water, and then squeeze it tightly. After wiping off the stain, wipe with a soft dry cloth.

Oil stain:
Dissolve a synthetic detergent in warm water (density of 2 to 3%), dip the cloth, then wipe off the stain with the cloth. Next, dip the cloth in fresh water and squeeze it tightly. Then wipe off the detergent completely. Then wipe the area with a soft dry cloth.

Never use any organic solvent, such as thinner or benzine.

    Precaution Necessary for Steering Wheel Rotation after Battery Disconnect
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