Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Roof side molding

Exploded View

1. Roof side molding

1. Roof side molding 2. Roof side molding clip 3. Double-sided tape [t: 2.5 mm (0.098 in)] 4. Body side outer panel 5. Roof panel

: Do not reuse: Vehicle front
Removal and Installation: Do not reuse

Removal and Installation



1. Disengage roof side molding rear side fixing clip, using a remover tool (A).

: Vehicle front: Clip
CAUTION:: Vehicle front

Apply protective tape (B) on body to protect the painted surface from damage.

2. Pull up roof side molding from rear end to front end.

2. Pull up roof side molding from rear end to front end.

CAUTION:: Vehicle front

Never pull the roof side molding strongly.

3. Disengage windshield molding and clip at the front end of roof

3. Disengage windshield molding and clip at the front end of roof side molding, and then remove while pulling out toward vehicle rear

: Clip



1. Remove roof side molding.

2. Heat adhesive tape interface using a dryer, and then peel roof side molding clips (body side) using longnose pliers.

Be careful not to damage the body.


1. Clean tape removed surface with a shop cloth soaked in white gasoline or IPA.

2. Use two-part epoxy adhesive.

Adhesive : 3M-weld DP100 or equivalent

3. Apply adhesive evenly to clip tape surface

Thickness : Approximately 0.5 mm (0.020 in)

4. Position applied parts to the proper location, and then sufficiently press-fit until the adhesive protrudes to tape side.

Press-fit limit : 19.6 N× 2 seconds

5. Tape roof side molding clips after press fit, and temporarily hold it for specified time based on the following.

5 to 10C (41 to 50F) : 1 hour or more 11 to 23C (52 to 73F) : 30 minutes or more 24C or more (75F or more) : 15 minutes or more


Use double-sided tape after hardening for roof side molding clips.

Securely insert molding rear end cap onto roof rear end cutout (installation standard).

When installing roof side molding of windshield glass portion, check that body side molding fastener is securely inserted and then press in.

Never wash the vehicle within 24 hours so as to keep adhesive.

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