Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Removal and installation


Exploded View

1. IPDM E/R cover A

1. IPDM E/R cover A
3. IPDM E/R cover B

Removal and Installation

IPDM E/R integrated relays are not serviceable parts, and must not be removed from the unit.


1. Remove battery.

2. Press and expand pawls (A) on lateral side of IPDM E/R cover and remove IPDM E/R (1) from IPDM E/R cover B (2).

3. Disconnect the harness connector and then remove the IPDM E/R.

4. Remove IPDM E/R cover B mounting nuts (A).

4. Remove IPDM E/R cover B mounting nuts (A).

5. Insert a flat-bladed screwdriver between IPDM E/R cover A (1)

5. Insert a flat-bladed screwdriver between IPDM E/R cover A (1) and IPDM E/R cover B (2), disengage pawls, and remove IPDM E/R cover A.

6. Remove IPDM E/R cover B.

6. Remove IPDM E/R cover B.


Install in the reverse order of removal.

    Power supply and ground circuit
    Diagnosis Procedure 1.CHECK FUSES AND FUSIBLE LINK Check that the following IPDM E/R fuses or fusible links are not blown. Is the fuse fusing? YES >> Replace the blown fuse or fusible link ...

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