Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Periodic maintenance




1. Check installation conditions of steering gear assembly, front suspension assembly, axle and steering column assembly.

2. Check if movement exists when steering wheel is moved up and down, to the left and right and to the axial direction.

Steering wheel axial end play : Refer to ST-23, "Steering Wheel Axial End Play and Play".

3. Check the following items when steering wheel axial end play is out of the standard.

Х Check the steering column assembly mounting condition. Refer to ST-10, "Exploded View".

Х Check steering gear assembly mounting condition for looseness. Refer to ST-16, "Exploded View".


1. Turn steering wheel so that front wheels come to the straight-ahead position.

2. Start engine and lightly turn steering wheel to the left and right until front wheels start to move.

3. Measure steering wheel movement on the outer circumference.

Steering wheel play on the outer circumference : Refer to ST-23, "Steering Wheel Axial End Play and Play".

4. Check the following items when steering wheel play is out of the standard.

Х Check backlash for each joint of steering column assembly.

Х Check installation condition of steering gear assembly.

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