Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Noise

Symptom Table

Removal and installation

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    Symptom diagnosis
    Noise, vibration and harshnesS (NVH) Troubleshooting NVH Troubleshooting - Engine Noise Use the Chart Below to Help You Find the Cause of the Symptom 1. Locate the area where noise occurs. 2. Confirm the type of noise. 3. Specify the operating condition of engine. 4. Check specified noise s ...

     Parking brake
    WARNING Х Be sure the parking brake is fully released before driving. Failure to do so can cause brake failure and lead to an accident. Х  Do not release the parking brake from outside the vehicle. Х Do not use the shift lever in place of the parking brake. When parking, be sure the park ...

    Changing engine coolant
    Major cooling system repairs should be performed by a NISSAN dealer. The service procedures can be found in the appropriate NISSAN Service Manual. Improper servicing can result in reduced heater performance and engine overheating. WARNING Х To avoid the danger of being scalded, never change the ...