Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Keyfob battery

Exploded View

1. Upper case

1. Upper case
2. Key
3. Switch cover
4. Switch rubber
5. Board surface
6. Battery
7. plate
8. Lower case
9. Screw

Removal and Installation


1. Remove screw (9) on the rear of keyfob.

2. Place the key with the lower case (8) facing up. Set a screw-driver wrapped with tape between upper case (1) and lower case (8) and then separate the lower case (8) from the upper case (1).

Do not touch the circuit board or battery terminal.

The keyfob is water-resistant. However, if it does get wet, immediately wipe it dry.

3. When replacing the circuit board assembly, remove circuit board assembly from the upper case (1).

[Circuit board assembly: Switch rubber (4) + Board surface (5)] CAUTION:
Do not touch the printed circuits directly.

4. Remove the battery (6) from the lower case (8) and replace it.

Battery replacement : Coin-type lithium battery (CR1620)

When replacing battery, keep dirt, grease, and other foreign materials off the electrode contact area.

5. After replacement, fit the lower and upper cases together, part (4), (7) and tighten with the screw.

After replacing the battery, Be sure to check that door locking operates normally using the keyfob.

Refer to DLK-403, "Component Function Check".


Install in the reverse order of removal.

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