Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : EPS warning lamp

Component Function Check


Check that the EPS warning lamp turns ON when ignition switch turns ON. Then, EPS warning lamp turns OFF after the engine is started.

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> INSPECTION END

NO >> Perform trouble diagnosis. Refer to STC-26, "Diagnosis Procedure".

Diagnosis Procedure


1. Turn the ignition switch OFF to ON.With CONSULT-III

1. Turn the ignition switch OFF to ON.

2. Perform EPS self-diagnosis.

Is any DTC detected? YES >> Check the DTC. Refer to STC-14, "DTC Index".

NO >> GO TO 2.


1. Turn the ignition switch ON.With CONSULT-III

1. Turn the ignition switch ON.


Never start the engine.

2. Select DATA MONITOR of EPS and select WARNING LAMP.

3. Check that the EPS warning lamp is turned ON.

4. Start the engine.

Never drive the vehicle.

5. Check that the EPS warning lamp is turned OFF.

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> Perform the trouble diagnosis for combination meter power supply circuit. Refer to MWI-51, "COMBINATION METER : Diagnosis Procedure".

NO >> EPS control unit is malfunctioning. Replace steering column assembly. Refer to ST-10, "Removal and Installation".

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