Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Diagnosis system (BCM)

Common item : consult-III Function (BCM - COMMON ITEM)


CONSULT-III performs the following functions via CAN communication with BCM.



BCM can perform the following functions for each system.


It can perform the diagnosis modes except the following for all sub system selection items.

 *1: This item is displayed, but is not used.

*1: This item is displayed, but is not used.

*2: For models with automatic A/C, this mode is not used.

Air conditioner : consult-III Function (BCM - AIR CONDITIONER) (Heater and Ventilation)


Display item list

ECU diagnosis information

    Switch Name and Function HEATER CONTROLLER (HEATER CONTROL) 1. MODE dial 2. Fan control dial 3. Temperature control dial 4. Intake lever ...

    ECU diagnosis information
    BCM List of ECU Reference ...

    Other materials:

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