Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Diagnosis system (A/C auto AMP.)


Air conditioning system performs self-diagnosis, operation check, function diagnosis, and various settings using diagnosis function of each control unit.



CONSULT-III performs the following functions via CAN communication with A/C auto amp.



Diagnosis should be performed with engine running. Door motor operation speeds become slower and NO results may be returned even for normal operation if battery voltage drops below 12 V during self-diagnosis.


Part number of A/C auto amp. can be checked.


Diagnosis result that is judged by A/C auto amp. can be checked. Refer to HAC-130, "DTC Index".


Input/output signal of A/C auto amp. can be checked.

Display item list

*: DUTY is displayed, but voltage is indicated. Or unit is not displayed

*: DUTY is displayed, but voltage is indicated. Or unit is not displayed but unit is (V).


The signals used to activate each device forcibly supplied from A/C auto amp. operation check of air conditioning system can be performed.

Check each output device

Check each output device



Perform the inspection of each output device after starting the engine because the compressor is operated.


Setting change of each setting functions can be performed.



When the battery cable is disconnected from the negative terminal or when the battery voltage becomes 10 V or less, the setting of WORK SUPPORT may be cancelled.

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