Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Component parts

Component Parts Location

1. Hazard switch

1. Hazard switch
2. Parking lamp
3. Front turn signal lamp 4. Front fog lamp*1
5. Headlamp
6. ECM Refer to EC-461, "ECM".

7. IPDM E/R Refer to PCS-5, "Component Parts Location".

8. BCM Refer to BCS-6, "BODY CONTROL SYSTEM : Component Parts Location".

9. Combination switch
10. Combination meter
11. Light & rain sensor*2 12. Side turn signal lamp 13. Headlamp aiming switch 14. Front door switch (driver side) 15. Rear turn signal lamp 16. Tail lamp
17. Rear fog lamp
18. License plate lamp
19. Daytime running light relay*3 20. Aiming motor

A. Engine room (RH)
B. Headlamp (back)

*1: With front fog lamp models *2: With auto light system *3: With daytime running light system

Component Description

Light & Rain Sensor

Light & Rain Sensor

The light & rain sensor detects the outside ambient light level, forward light level and sensor conditions.

Based on ambient light level (day/night detection), forward light level (tunnel detection) and sensor conditions it judges ON/OFF condition for exterior lamps.

And it transmits exterior lamp ON/OFF request to the BCM by the light & rain sensor serial link.

BCM controls each function depending on the signals. And it detects the light & rain sensor serial link error and the light & rain sensor malfunction.


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