Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Component parts

Heated seat system : Component Parts Location

1. Seat heater

1. Seat heater
2. Heated seat switch
3. Heated seat relay

A. Front seat
B. Front LH of passenger room

Heated seat system : Component Description


    HEATED SEAT SYSTEM : System Description Heated seat is a system that operates when ignition switch is in ON position. HEATER OPERATION When the heated seat switch is ON, seat cushion heater and ...

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    Precaution Necessary for Steering Wheel Rotation after Battery Disconnect
    NOTE: Before removing and installing any control units, first turn the push-button ignition switch to the LOCK position, then disconnect both battery cables. After finishing work, confirm that all control unit connectors are connected properly, then re-connect both battery cables. Alw ...

    Additional service when replacing ECM
    Description When replacing ECM, this procedure must be performed. Work Procedure 1.PERFORM INITIALIZATION OF NATS SYSTEM AND REGISTRATION OF ALL NATS IGNITION KEY IDS Refer to SEC-50, "ECM : Work Procedure". >> GO TO 2. 2.PERFORM ACCELERATOR PEDAL RELEASED POSITION LEARNIN ...

    C1105, C1106, C1107, C1108 wheel sensor
    DTC Logic DTC DETECTION LOGIC DTC CONFIRMATION PROCEDURE 1.PRECONDITIONING If DTC CONFIRMATION PROCEDURE has been previously conducted, always turn ignition switch OFF and wait at least 10 seconds before conducting the next test. >> GO TO 2. 2.CHECK DTC DETECTION With CONSULT-I ...