Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Component parts

Heated seat system : Component Parts Location

1. Seat heater

1. Seat heater
2. Heated seat switch
3. Heated seat relay

A. Front seat
B. Front LH of passenger room

Heated seat system : Component Description


    HEATED SEAT SYSTEM : System Description Heated seat is a system that operates when ignition switch is in ON position. HEATER OPERATION Х When the heated seat switch is ON, seat cushion heater and ...

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    Ecu diagnosis information
    TCM Reference Value CONSULT-III DATA MONITOR STANDARD VALUE Х In CONSULT-III, electric shift timing or lock-up timing, i.e. operation timing of each solenoid valve, is displayed. Therefore, if there is an obvious difference between the shift timing estimated from a shift shock (or engine ...

    General Precautions
    Х Do not operate the engine for an extended period of time without proper exhaust ventilation. Keep the work area well ventilated and free of any inflammable materials. Special care should be taken when handling any inflammable or poisonous materials, such as gasoline, refrigerant gas, etc. W ...

    PTC heater control unit connection recognition signal circuit
    Diagnosis Procedure 1.CHECK PTC HEATER CONTROL UNIT CONNECTION RECOGNITION SIGNAL 1. Turn ignition switch ON. 2. Check voltage between combination meter harness connector and ground. Is the inspection result normal? YES >> INSPECTION END NO >> GO TO 2. 2.CHECK PTC HEATER CONTR ...