Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Component parts

Component Parts Location

1. Combination meter

1. Combination meter Refer to MWI-4, "METER SYSTEM : Component Parts Location".

2. Combination switch (spiral cable) 3. Driver air bag module Crash zone sensor
4. Passenger air bag module 5. Seat belt pre-tensioner LH 6. Satellite sensor LH
7. Lap pre-tensioner LH 8. Curtain air bag module LH 9. Side air bag module LH 10. Air bag diagnosis sensor unit 11. Air bag cutoff switch 12. Crash zone sensor

A. Behind rear side finisher B. View with headlining assembly removed C. View with seatback pad removed D. View with center console assembly removed
E. View with glove box assembly open F. Radiator core support assembly

Component Description


    System Diagram System Description Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) activates air bag module and seat belt pre-tensioner when it detects a frontal collision or a side collision that is more t ...

    Other materials:

    Steering column
    Exploded View 1. Cover 2. Sub-harness 3. Band 4. Steering column assembly 5. Slide plate (inner) 6. Slide plate (outer) 7. Bracket Always replace after every disassembly. : Nm (kg-m, ft-lb) : Nm (kg-m, in-lb) Removal and Installation REMOVAL CAUTION: While removing the ste ...

    Service Notice or Precautions for Road Wheel Genuine NISSAN aluminum wheel is designed for each type of vehicle. Use it on the specified vehicle only. Use Genuine NISSAN parts for the wheel nuts. Always use them after adjusting the wheel balance. For the balance weights, use Genuine NIS ...

    Drive belt
    1. Alternator 2. Drive belt auto-tensioner 3. Crankshaft pulley 4. Air conditioner compressor 5. Water pump WARNING Be sure the ignition switch is in the OFF or LOCK position before servicing drive belts. The engine could rotate unexpectedly. 1. Visually inspect the belt for signs of unus ...