Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Brake booster



Depress the brake pedal several times at 5-second intervals with the engine stopped. Start the engine with the brake pedal fully depressed. Check that the clearance between brake pedal and dash lower panel decreases.

NOTE: A slight impact with a small click may be felt on the pedal when the brake pedal is fully depressed. This is a normal phenomenon due to the brake system operation.


1. Run the engine at idle for 1 minute to apply vacuum to the brake booster, and stop the engine.

2. Depress the brake pedal several times at 5-second intervals until the accumulated vacuum is released to atmospheric pressure. Check that the clearance between brake pedal and dash lower panel gradually increases each time the brake pedal is depressed when performing this operation.

3. Depress the brake pedal with the engine running. Then stop the engine while holding down the brake pedal. Check that the brake pedal stroke does not change after holding down the brake pedal for 30 seconds or more.

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