Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : B terminal circuit


B terminal circuit supplies power to charge the battery and to operate the vehicles electrical system.

Diagnosis Procedure


1. Turn ignition switch OFF.

2. Check if B terminal is clean and tight.

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> GO TO 2.

NO >> Repair B terminal connection.


Check voltage between alternator B terminal and ground.

Is the inspection result normal?

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> GO TO 3.

NO >> Check harness for open between alternator and fusible link.


1. Start engine, then engine running at idle and warm.

2. Check voltage between battery positive terminal and alternator B terminal.

Is the inspection result normal?

Is the inspection result normal? YES >> B terminal circuit is normal. Refer to CHG-12, "GASOLINE ENGINE MODELS : Work Flow" (gasoline engine models) or CHG-15, "DIESEL ENGINE MODELS : Work Flow" (diesel engine models).

NO >> Check harness between battery and alternator for poor continuity.

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