Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Air breather hose

Exploded View

1. Clip

1. Clip
2. Air breather hose
3. 2 way connector

Removal and Installation


1. Remove clips (1).

2. Remove air breather hose from the 2 way connector.: Vehicle front

2. Remove air breather hose from the 2 way connector.

When removing air breather hose, be sure to hold 2 way connector securely.



Note the following, and install in the reverse order of removal.

Х Install air breather hose, preventing crush and clogging caused by bending.

Х Insert the allowance of air breather hose to the spool of the 2 way connector.

Х Install air breather hose to the 2 way connector with the paint mark faced forward of the vehicle.

Х Securely engage the clips in the mounting hole.

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