Nissan Juke Service and Repair Manual : Additional service when removing battery negative terminal


The audio unit is equipped with the anti-theft system.

The audio unit operates after authenticating a fixed four-digit anti-theft code.

After removing the battery of the audio unit, the authentication of the anti-theft code is required.

Work Procedure


1. Turn ignition switch ON.

2. Turn ON the power switch of audio unit. (CODE IN is indicated on the display.) >> GO TO 2.


1. Press the preset switch (using 1 to 4) to enter the code number.

Digit on the far-left : Preset switch 1 Digit on the second from left : Preset switch 2 Digit on the second from right : Preset switch 3 Digit on the far-right : Preset switch 4

2. The anti-theft code is authenticated by pressing preset switch 6.

Is the anti-theft code authenticated ? YES >> END NO >> GO TO 3.


1. When the input anti-theft code was not authenticated, anti-theft code input can be done up to 8 attempts, counting the below operation as an attempt.


If the attempts exceed 8, system secure Please contact dealer is displayed and anti-theft code input cannot be performed.

The number of failed attempts is not reset and accumulated after any authentication.

 2. Wait until anti-theft code entry screen is displayed.

>> GO TO 2.

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